Video Resources



Dr Lindsey Doe creates short videos on all kinds of sex and relationships topics, inlcuding ones you might be embarrassed to ask about.


Shannon Boodram discusses on her channel all kinds of love, sex and relationships issues as well as a variety of other topics. Her videos about her open relationship are particularly popular.


Stevie creates fun videos about sex, most frequently talking about lesbian sex and sex toys.

Ash Hardell

Ash creates videos on sexuality and gender, including coming out as trans, videos on LGBTQ+ sex and collaborations with other YouTubers.

Jake Edwards

Jake makes videos about being trans and non-binary occasionally featuring boyfriend Alex Bertie. They have recently started a new series called 'History of Gender'.

The Real Alex Bertie

Alex makes videos about being trans, creating videos to document his transition and providing support to LGBTQ+ viewers.

Miss Fenderr

Alayna makes videos on all kinds of things but her ongoing series 'I Don't Bi It' is an LGBTQ+ focused comedy Q&A with guests.

What's My Body Doing

Eva creates sex-positive, evidence-based videos on sexuality, sexual health, relationships and more.