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Here we're featuring the places across  the internet and media world that either #ISupportSexEducation or our founder, Milly, have been featured. For any journalists or people working in media reading, send us an email to get in touch!

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“Whilst you may not have initially linked cancer and sex education, they actually have a lot in common.”

Milly Evans for The Eve Appeal / Read Full Article

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“Being comfortable to talk about sexual health would be a major step in the battle to prevent late cancer diagnosis.”

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“The curriculum of 18 years ago does not reflect the world that children grow up in today.”

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“Without telling schools what they are to teach in relation to LGBTQ+ issues, I don’t believe we are vastly better off than the previous guidance.”

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"I would like to see sex education championed for every child"

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"Sex-positive parenting is definitely something that every parent should aim for, whether they’re a sex toy entrepreneur or, more likely, not. "

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"We live in a society where we're all afraid of talking about sex, we're afraid of talking about our own body parts."

Milly Evans for Project Pleasure on Roundhouse Radio / Listen to Podcast