Our Mission

The goal of is to encourage widespread support for better relationships and sex education (RSE) and keep it on the radar of change-makers both in the UK and abroad. It should also provide a space for sex educators and campaigners to have their say on why sex education is important and participate in actions which will reinforce the work already done to further secure the state of RSE.

Whilst sex education was made compulsory in England last year under former Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, at the moment there is a some uncertainty as to whether the government will be able to guarantee RSE being fully compulsory and inclusive in both primary and secondary schools. We also want to see the government supporting parents/guardians/carers to have healthy conversations about relationships and sex at home.

The website is a space to raise awareness of the importance of relationships and sex education in guaranteeing equality for all and preventing discrimination based on gender, sexuality, ability, race, religion or anything else that makes us unique.


About the founder...

Milly Evans is a campaigner for better, more inclusive sex education. She has been a member of the Family Planning Association's Youth Council since December 2016 and a Stonewall Young Campaigner from October 2017. She has worked with a variety of organisations, as well as setting up youth organisation, Our Progress Project, in August 2017.